A Classroom Lecture

Teaching & Learning

With an abundance of experience as educators, our leadership has developed a philosophy that has proven successful throughout the years. Through a unique teaching approach that makes students feel respected, appreciated and capable, we create an engaging, tailored, bespoke and collaborative experience for every student.

Chance 2 Change


B = Believe

A = Achieve 

D = Difference 


We believe that every student is different. We won't make students feel different, we will help them to make a difference.

Believe, Achieve & Make a Difference


If we can turn a negative into a positive so can our students. 

Specialist Education, Training & Employment Services

Located in the heart of the community, Chance 2 Change is a Pupil Referral Unit with a difference.


  • We work with students wanting to change and support them through this process. 

  • We re-build students confidence in Education, Training and Employment.

  • We show our students the range of positive possibilities available to them.

  • We educate students on the dangers of engaging in criminal activities.  

  • We offer after-school enrichment activities to motivate our students.

  • We work in partnership with local businesses to provide further Education, Training & Employment opportunities for our students, post 16. 


All of our courses are tailored and targeted specifically to benefit the student's transition.